Little Lake Stompers
Little Lake Stompers


October 22 Monday at The Suburban Bourbon 6:30 The Annual Halloween Presentation. This will be extermely scary so be warned. Defibrillators will be available. No animals or humans will be harmed.

November 2 Friday with Doc Severinsen at Rufus King High School 12:00-1:30  for a free Master Class for trumpet players and band and orchestra leaders sponsored by CIVIC MUSIC

November 19 Monday at The Suburban Bourbon 6:30 Thanksgiving Show. BYOT. Bring your own turkey.

December 17 Monday at The Suburban Bourbon 6:30 Christmas Show featuring some Christmas Songs BYOT. Bring Your Own Tree.


MSO ACE performances: Nov. 12 Monday 1:30 Rawson

                                                   Nov. 29 Thursday 9:30 Trowbridge

                                                   Nov.29 Thursday 11:30 Swallow

                                                   Dec. 4  Tuesday 10:00 Parkside

                                                   Dec. 4  Tuesday 12:30 Hartford

                                                   Dec. 1o Monday 1:30  AAL

                                                   Dec. 18 Tuesday 1:00 ALBA  

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