Little Lake Stompers
Little Lake Stompers

We are a traditional jazz band that plays many jazz styles from Dixieland to Swing to The Great American Song Book to Bebop. We also occasionally include Classical works and other interesting musical offerings.


Original Members: Dennis Najoom Cornet/Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vocals, William Helmers Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Kirk Ferguson Trombone/Euphonium, Glen Quarrie Saxophones/Flute/Piccolo/Oboe, Lou Cucunato Keyboard, Paul Westfhal Percussion, Scott Tisdel Contra Bass. We are also fortunate to have other extrordinary musicins join us frequently: Brad Karas, Jeff LaBarge, Ned Nagy, Megumi Kanda, Thomas Wetzel, David Cohen, Kris Klinkhardt, Jeff Hoorman and hopfully many more in the future.<< New text box >>

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